We provide Interior designing services both on consultancy and turnkey basis depending on the client’s wish for :

  • Private Residences
  • Small/Large Commercial Office Spaces
  • Flats in Apartments and Community Housing
  • Small and Medium Business Establishments such as Shops, Restaurants
  • Hospitals and Health Care facilities such as Clinics and Diagnostic Centres
  • Educational Institutions, e.g. Classrooms, Library, Cafeteria etc.

We have done interior designing work for several reputed establishments including private residences and have good command over local availability of various construction materials (e.g. those for Paneling, External/Internal cladding, Roofing etc.), decorative items, furniture etc.We work only with high quality interior contractors Bhubaneswar who are absolutely passionate about their work as we are and who seek perfection in their deliveries.

We ensure that utmost care is taken while working on the client’s premises and that the output is as per the client’s choice.

However, on several occasions we find ourselves trying to convince our clients on what is best for them, because given our expertise in the area, we sometimes do know what makes for a better choice.

HOW WE WORK: Renovation/ Interior designing

You may know what you want, but aren’t quite sure where to begin with your dream space. Right? Being professional, we will guide you through the process with a well thought out plan to help you avoid common pitfalls. We will introduce you to new ideas and solutions for your space and will assist you throughout the design process so that you feel comfortable with your decisions. We will work closely with you to make sure that the final output is not only beautiful, but practical and functional. By working with us you are assured that your finished project will reflect your personal style and needs.

L.A. vation has a step by step program to beautifully create the space you always desired. They are as follows:

Initial Consultation/ Assessment

A complimentary meeting is held at the site/our office to understand the space and talk about your thoughts. This process allows ideas to be formulated. We analyze the results to determine your specific style and requirement. . We want your space (it may be individual house, flat, office space, commercial spaces, anything ) to be a reflection of you and your personality and mostly we want you to be surrounded by colors and furnishings that make the users feel good.

Design and consultancy Fees

Well, hiring an Architect does not cost, it always pays.  Based on the initial consultation, we prepare a detailed proposal / offer letter that outlines the scope of services to be performed. Depending on the scope of your job and as per the norms of council of Architecture we will finalize our fees.

A retainer is requested before proceeding with your project. More detailed questions regarding your needs, utilization of space and budget are also discussed. We proceed with your project once you accept our proposal/offer letter.

Detailed Measurements

After the proposal is accepted, a follow-up consultation in your site takes place for detailed measurements and evaluation of existing conditions and furnishings. If you have blueprints/ drawings of the area, we will be needing  them at this time.

Space Planning

A two-dimensional space plan is proposed and discussed to address your needs. We explore the function of the space and coordinate it with the other areas for the best use within the required space

Interior Design Concept Presentation

Based on prior meetings, a preliminary conceptual design scheme is presented. Various interior design elements are depicted with photos, sketches, magazine shots and samples of finishes, such as flooring, countertops, cabinetry, wall and window treatments, lighting and hardware to help you visualize our design plan. Once the concept has been accepted and approved, several meetings may take place in our office or on the site to view additional samples. Specific design details are discussed in greater depth during this phase.


A preliminary tentative budget is prepared based on the requirement, materials, finishes and design ideas proposed during the concept presentation. The budget is evaluated and analyzed with you at this time. Once items are agreed upon by you, purchase orders are created and placed with manufacturers on your behalf. Follow up on orders include: tracking and lead times, deliveries and coordination of contractors.

Project Management

Contractors are recommended based on the project. The contractor will provide us with a negotiated bid based on current market values and a remodeling project timetable evaluated by us. Pre and post construction meetings and onsite visits during construction are conducted, ensuring the fulfillment of design intent and maintenance of quality levels.


Oversight of actual furniture placement and installations are overseen ensuring proper locations of pieces.We leave to allow you to enjoy your beautiful, newly designed space.


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