LISA ACHARYA – Principal Architect 

A creative and enthusiastic person who became an Architect by choice and practices Architecture with passion. Having worked with reputed firms in Delhi, Ahmedabad and Pune, she came back to her hometown Bhubaneswar with a passion of creating beautiful yet functional spaces for people and founded L.A.Vation in the year 2010.

She has expertise in Residential design and has strong inclination towards designing the interior spaces. Her design values are as much rooted in form, creativity and aesthetics as in functionality and usability. She is thorough professional in her work. She considers “deadlines” sacrosanct and values her commitments.


AMIYA SUTAR – Associate Architect

A passionate architect practicing for the last 10 years, having completed several residences and commercial establishments in and around Bhubaneswar.



Rohit Manzur

A passionate designer who can spend hours in front of the computer screen tying to get the design right.


Smaranika Patnaik (Trainee)

She has a passion for everything creative.

Interior Designers

Soumyanchal Avasthi

Though new in the team, she makes everyone feel as if she has always been there. Having a keen eye for details, she is the go-to girl for most interior design work.

Graphics  Designer

Random Dots


Many competent consultants from fields such as Structure, Landscaping, and Project Management are associated with us. We also have Construction Contractors and several third party equipment vendors associated with us.


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